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Escorting Cats on Flights

Cats can travel in the hold as ‘cargo’ or with passengers in the cabin as ‘hand luggage’.  We try to send them as hand luggage where possible but either way is possible.  Taking a cat as hand luggage is not as difficult or inconvenient as it might seem.  We use small carrying boxes or soft carriers (similar to a holdall).  This is carried with the passenger and the airline will usually find a suitable place for it in the cabin – sometimes a spare seat is provided.  Cats sleep or remain quiet for the duration of the journey and it is highly unlikely that they will soil the cat carrier. Different airlines have different policies, but some airlines accept cats for both cargo and hand luggage for the same passenger.

When we are notified of your interest to escort one or more cats we will obtain details of your flight and apply to the airline for permission.  Where we have contact details for you, either mobile phone or at your holiday residence, you will be kept informed of progress.

On the day of departure, a representative from the welfare organisation will meet you with the cat/s at the airport, at your appointed check-in time.  All the paperwork to allow the cat/s to travel will be in place.

The representative will attend check-in with you and the cat/s and pay all travel costs for the animals.

After check-in you proceed as normal to the Departure Lounge.  If you are taking the cat as hand luggage, you take it with you.  If the cat is travelling cargo, the representative takes it to the special waiting area.  You will not see the ‘cargo’ cat again until you arrive at your destination airport.

At destination airport you will collect ‘cargo cat’ with your suitcases and someone will be waiting at Arrivals to take the cat from you.  Your role is finished!  


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