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The Siamese Family 

This is Lilac, a part Siamese, with her 5 kittens.  Lilac lives at holiday apartments in Elounda, Crete.  A VOCAL volunteer, caught her for sterilizing, using the Eesicatch cat trap kindly donated to VOCAL in January 2008, by SNIP International.  Unfortunately the volunteer didn’t realise the cat was pregnant.  During the day whilst we were waiting for the vet to come, the cat quietly gave birth to 3 white and 2 cream kittens. Fortunately we were able to transfer her immediately to a very large cage, also generously donated in May by SNIP International.  This cage was wonderful. For the first few days Lilac and kittens were kept confined, later the door was left open so that Lilac could hop out, for a little peace sometimes, but the kittens were kept safe.  There was lots of room for a bed, toilet tray and feeding bowls.  The cage ensured we could provide safety and comfort for the whole family. 

The owners of the apartments where Lilac had come from did not initially want us to sterilize cats, but gradually they became swamped with kittens and changed their mind!   Lilac is the third cat from the apartments sterilized by VOCAL.

After giving birth to her kittens we had to make a quick decision.  Lilac is wary of humans, and we knew we would not get a second chance to catch her for sterilization.  The family were happy for Lilac to return but did not want the kittens.  Also, if we released her with her kittens, she would have to carry them individually to a place she felt was safe, we knew some of them could die in the process.  

 Lilac and her kittens moved into a new foster home with VOCAL volunteers Christine and Mike.  They made over an empty apartment for them so they could remain together until fully weaned.  A few weeks later Lilac was sterilized.  Zhen and Niran were rehomed when they were 8 weeks old and two weeks later Lilac was released back to her own patch, where she is cared for.  She is seen regularly and is happy and healthy. Sunan, Mali and Zhila were rehomed a couple of weeks later.  All are reported to be settling well with their new families in Germany.

VOCAL is extremely grateful to SNIP International for its continuing support for our work with cats in NE Crete.   


Sunan, from Crete is now all grown up and has settled very well into his new home. His owners refer to the two best friends as the "chaotic dreamteam"!

Sunan and his new best friend June, in his home in Germany.