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Alfie, the Happy Tabby

This is the continuing story of the cats that were rescued from the cat pen.

Four of the rescued cats flew to Vienna and arrived safely.

Alfie, featured here, meets his new owner in Austria and as the picture demonstrates, there is an immediate affinity between them.  Alfie is positive for FIV but it didn't stop this lady agreeing to take him, love him and give him the care he will need for his lifetime.



Latest Update


Alfie is one of the very sick cats that was rehomed from the pen near Kritsa in February of this year.  He was one of the most sick in the group, extremely thin, dehydrated from diarrohea and extremely sore and without fur on his bottom and back legs.   (see article on News and Stories)

This is a photo of him as he is now.  He is living in Austria with his new family and another cat.  He is in very good condition and loves to wander in the fields around their home.  At last he is living the life that all cats deserve to live, lucky Alfie!